Behind the styling @ SocialFashion

Antoinette Hunter

it's time, time to get acquainted; if you are not already that is; acquainted with SocialFashion Styling and the reason SocialFashion exists. Well apart for my unwavering passion for fashion and the fact that I have been managing mid to high end boutiques around Australia since I was 16.

SocialFashion is for the all the women out there who love to dress up, love to feel feminine & sexy, to show off their special features (but not too much) in that special dress that is unique and not mass produced; a label that listens to your needs; a label that is about special occasions and reasonably priced.

@ socialfashion we have FUN with materials and with colours, oh! yes we have FUN with black and white as well, especially when the racing carnival comes around. Our preferred choice of coverage is SILK lots of easy to care for SILKS. A large number of our styles are cut on the bias which means you will always look & feel your very best as the dress simply glides over your body and waves as you walk on by. Some are adorned with slight beading, applique  or crystals. One of the most exciting features of the SocialFashion styling is that most come with built in Bras and excellent support, I just find it adds to the whole elegance of wearing while maintaining a beautiful structure to the gown.

Most SocialFashion styling comes with its very own 'style wrap', you may require some warmth, a slight coverage of the arms or simply create a new look each time you wear your timeless piece. Some frocks require hanging and some can live in a stocking bag in your draw for safe keeping, I will be sharing this information and more upon purchasing or upon request.

All our styling is made on the Australian cut, not European not USA but for the Australian women; with all our curves, shaping and some of the styling has a little extra length to them, which can be shortened, all this has been taken into account.

Purchasing from the SocialFashion e-store is simple; if your normally a 12 then you are a 12 in our styling; I will consult with you anytime over the phone; through email; or I can pop out with some sizes for a private showing to 5 or more people. If we need to exchange a size or even a style untill you have the fit your looking for then that is what happens (within reason off course) 'please see returns and exchanges'.

The thing is we want you to enjoy wearing your SocialFashion Styling as much as we have had fun putting the ranges together.

Stay tuned... I have a lot to share with you and many styling tips to give along the way.

with love,


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