Looking for that special occasion outfit, yet don't want to buy it, but simply borrow it...wear it once, be seen, be fabulous while feeling like a million dollars without the expense.

Launching the SocialFashion RENT- A - SOCIALFASHION


  • Select your favourite fashion item
  • All items have been professionally photographed with a true to colour image.
  • All Tuscany and SocialFashion styling are true to Australian standard fittings.
  • Most of our designs are cut on the bias to allow for any additional shape or size.
  • Every item RENTALS and PURCHASES pass a thorough our quality standards test completed by our in-house team before it is dispatched to our customers online along with a guarantee.



  • Please choose your garments wisely
  • All rentals will leave us as a tagged item
  • Should the garment not meet your immediate needs you may return it within 3 days with the tag still attached this will be strategically placed in a prominent position, this ensures the garment has not been worn.
  • If for any reason the tag or tags have been removed, then any credit or refund will be ‘null and void’ (as in NO credit or refund will be given)
  • Returns; if not suitable all returns will encounter a 15% surcharge (so on say a $95 rental a surcharge of $14.25 will apply and one-way postage of $15 will also apply, the balance of the $95 or subsequent rental price will be refunded, along with the deposit…terms and conditions do apply)
  • SOCIALFASHION comes with an added insurance of $25 to give you piece of mind when renting / borrowing your favourite designer fashion item. You are covered for damage due to fair and normal wear & tear and dry-cleaning of the product you have borrowed during your rental period. (does not cover for theft)


  • If for any reason the garment does not come back the additional $100 charged as your deposit (this is not the rental price charged this is the deposit charged) the $100 is forfeited and then classified as a purchase on which the deposit amount is not refunded.

Your purchase will look like this

  • $95 rental (each item may have a different rental price)
  • $25 insurance
  • $100 deposit (this is standard for most of the items rented, but not all)